We are a family-owned full service jewelry design house.  Our passion for every piece of jewelry is what sets us apart.

Our show room has a wide selection of fine and semi-precious jewelry, as well as watches. We have gemologist on staff to educate and sell certified diamonds/gemstones. Our in house jewelry designer can create custom 3D computer modeled pieces. We have Master Jewelers on site to repair everything from sunglasses to intricate gold/platinum antique restoration. Our appraiser can value personal jewelry and estates. 

We also offer the following services: wedding band and engagement ring consultation, watch battery and repair, ear piercing, pearl and bead stringing, ring sizing, stone polishing, engraving, and much more.


Established in 1980.

Claydon Jewelers is a full service jewelry design house located in the heart of the South Bay. Our company passionately stands behind each piece of jewelry that passes through our hands, whether it be a simple repair or an intricate custom wedding design. This passion comes from knowing that jewelry is not just metal and stones; it is the physical representation of ones love for another; what ties generations of family together. Jewelry is a representation of your personality on your wrist, ears, fingers, etc.; wearable art that inspires each individual in a different way. We're grateful to be a part of creating, maintaining, and restoring the treasures that embody each of our customers personal journeys.

Meet the Business Owner

Clark C.
Business Owner

Clark is the son of Cliff and Austin, the other two owners of Claydon Jewelers. 

     Cliff moved to Santa Monica in 1979 to study gemstones and diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America and had planned on moving back to New York where he grew up. Plans changed when it was still sunny and 70 degrees in December of that same year. 

     Austin got a call in January of 1980 from her then high school sweetheart, Cliff, asking if she wanted to come out to California. He had changed his mind and wanted her to help him start a jewelry store. After convincing her parents (they might have white lied and said it was a temporary thing) she decided to risk it all and move out west. Now, 30+ years later the risk has turned into a reward, and now their son, Clark, has joined them in this "crazy" journey.